DC Power Players is a website that highlights the people and money having impact on the current Mayor, Attorney General, and City Council of the District of Columbia. It is meant to serve as a tool for reporters and the public who wish to discover who are the political power players and their interests.

The database and financial breakdowns focus on the individuals, organizations, companies, LLCs, unions, non-profits and others, which gave donations to the current Mayor, Attorney General and members of the City Council from 2003 until the present. These include donations to their campaign committees, exploratory committees, political actions committees, constituent service funds, inaugural committees, and legal defense funds, if any.

DC Power Players also arranges certain donors together who share common interests as a team of players. For example, a team would bring together those individuals who gave, along with their spouses, their companies, their LLCs, their employees, and those with other connections.

In addition, DC Power Players provides breakdowns of some donors by an area of their interest, such as Development/Construction/Real Estate/Housing, or Lawyers/Law, or Communications/Electronics, or Health, or Finance/Insurance, or Transportation, or Natural Resources/Energy.

Our knowledge about the power players is constantly improving. With new filings and more research on donors the database continues to improve disclosure. We have put up some lobbying data and some contracting data to seek comment on its usefulness in understanding money in DC politics.

DC Power Players also provides links to news articles relating to each interest group category and public official. We will continue to add new ones as they become available.

The DC Power Players database was developed and built by Kent Cooper and Tony Raymond. Over the last four decades they have primarily focused on political money involved with federal elections. They have worked at the Federal Election Commission, at non-profit organizations, and co-founded private companies that provided research and data to media organizations which sought to inform the public about money in politics.