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Bowser, Muriel

No.Article DateArticleInterest Group 1
1.8/29/2019 "The little firm that got a big chunk of D.C. Lottery and sports gambling contract has no employees." (by Steve Thompson, Washington Post) Miscellaneous
2.8/29/2019 "The little firm that got a big chunk of D.C. Lottery and sports gambling contract has no employees." (by Steve Thompson, Washington Post) Miscellaneous
3.4/12/2019 "Jury Finds Local Businessman Guilty of Fraud in Bidding for D.C. Government Contracts." (By U.S. Attorney's Office, District of Columbia) Development
4.3/26/2019 "D.C.'s Constituent Service Funds: Misused, Inequitable and Ethically Fraught" (By Mike Tanglis, CitizenVox) Governance
5.2/13/2019 "Bower's Inaugural Committee Took In Nearly $1 Million in Seven Weeks" (By Mitch Ryals, Washington City Paper) Governance
6.10/8/2018 "Former D.C. deputy mayor agrees to pay $3,000 fine in ethics investigation." (By Peter Jamison, Washington Post) Governance
7.10/5/2018 "How much every DC lawmaker was paid by the resturant industry before voting to repeal Initiative 77." (By Jermey Slevin and Zahra Mion, ThinkProgress at the Center for American Progress) Miscellaneous Business
8.9/24/2018 "DCRA Should Improve Its Enforcement of Housing Code Violations, D.C. Auditor Say." (By Morgan Baskin, Washington City Paper) Development
9.7/19/2018 "'Amazon Doesn't Need The Money': In The D.C. Region, Resistance Is Growing To Tax Breaks For HQ2." (By Ally Schweitzer, WAMU) Development
10.7/13/2018 "Developer Behind Controversial Congress Heights Redevelopment Project Touts Connections with Bowser, Emails Show." (By Andrew Giambrone, Washington City Paper) Development
11.3/17/2018 "D.C. Auditor Calls Taxpayer-Funded Affordable Housing Trust 'Unreliable'." (By Christina Sturdivant, Dcist.com) Development
12.3/15/2018 "Fort Myer Construction Sues the District Again." (By J.F. Meils, Washington City Paper) Transportation
13.2/16/2018 "D.C. education leader out after school policy violations." (By Delia Goncalves, WUSA9) Education
14.2/9/2018 "The Ballad of Don and Jack" (By Jeffrey Anderson, District Dig) Governance
15.2/7/2018 "City Officials Blast DCPS Attendance Scandal: 'A Systemic Failure." (By Stacy Brown, Washington Informer) Education
16.1/29/2018 "Attendance, credit violations by graduates at all but 2 DC high schools, report finds." (By Rick Massimo, WTOP) Education
17.1/26/2018 "D.C.'s public hospital gets a new operator, as CFO says it is 'functionally' bankrupt." (By Peter Jamison, Washington Post) Health
18.1/24/2018 "Who's against limiting money's power in D.C. politics? Perhaps the Democratic mayor." (By Peter Jamison, Washington Post) Development
19.11/27/2017 "D.C. deputy mayor used employees for babysitting, inspector general says." (By Peter Jamison, Washington Post) Governance
20.11/9/2017 "D.C. lawmakers cut short contract for operator of District's only public hospital." Health
21.11/6/2017 "Jaffe Report: Money, Power and Dead Bodies in DC's Worst Hospital." (By Harry Jaffee, First Read-DMV NBC 4 Washington) Health
22.9/5/2017 " Business Owner Arraigned Following Indictment On Fraud Perjury and Election-Related Offenses." (By US Dept of Justice) Governance
23.6/14/2017 "D.C. Council report: Bowser administration favored top donor in contracting." (By Aaron C. Davis, Washington Post) Development
24.6/8/2017 "D.C. Mayor Bowser fined $13,000 for illegal campaign contributions." (By Aaron C. Davis, Washington Post) Governance
25.5/10/2017 "Inspector General Says Ex-DCPS Chancellor Gave Special Treatment In School Lottery." (By Christina Sturdivant, DCist) Education
26.3/31/2017 "Bowser Puts D.C. Slumlord Sanford Capital on Blasy." (By Andrew Giambrone, Washington City Paper) Development
27.3/16/2017 "D.C.'s affordable housing program has been mismanaged, according to city auditors' report." (By Paul Duggan, Washington Post) Development
28.2/23/2017 "Bowser Does the Bidding of a Giant Digital Sign Company." (By Jeffrey Anderson, Washington City Paper) Miscellaneous Business
29.8/26/2016 "Report: D.C. agency shakeup followed St. Elizabeth's contract dispute." (By Drew Hansen, Washington Business Journal) Health
30.6/23/2016 "D.C.'s white donor class: Outsized influence in a diverse city." (By Sean McElwee, Demos) Governance
31.3/16/2016 "Homeless shelter plan could be profitable for Bowser's backers." (By Aaron C. Davis and Jonathan O'Connell, Washington Post) Development
32.2/16/2016 "Nation's Capital Grapples With EMS Challenges." (By Steve Sternberg, U.S. News & World Report) Health
33.11/5/2015 "Ex-Bowser adviser Tom Lindenfeld admits to corruption scheme in Philadelphia." (By Mike DeBonis, Washington Post) Governance
34.10/14/2014 "D.C. Lawmakers Rake In Millions From Contractors." (By Patrick Madden, Investigative Reporting Workshop) Development
35.3/5/2014 "Bowser campaign cancels event hosted by controversial Fenty Ally." (By Mike DeBonis, Washington Post) Development
36.2/27/2014 "New Documents Show Developer Pressed City to Close on Hine to Avoid Bowser Hearing." (By Larry Janezich, Capitol Hill Corner) Development
37.5/22/2013 "Empty Promises: Developers Often Don't Deliver." (by Julie Patel, WAMU) Development
38.5/21/2013 "Million Dollar Properties, $1 Deals." (By Patrick Madden, WAMU) Development
39.3/12/2012 "Bowser Campaign in Receipt of more than $18,000 from Local Health Care firm." (By Keith Jarroll, Blogspot.com) Health
40.3/24/2011 "Sunday's article on David Wilmot, which just a few days ago held a fundraiser at his home for Muriel Bowser." (By Keith Jarrell, Blogspot.com) Development