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Gray, Vincent

No.Article DateArticleInterest Group 1
1.1/23/2020 "Maryland businessman at center of dc sports betting contract helps fundraise fo -council member vincent gray" (By Steve Thompson, Washington Post) Governance
2.3/26/2019 "D.C.'s Constituent Service Funds: Misused, Inequitable and Ethically Fraught" (By Mike Tanglis, CitizenVox) Governance
3.10/5/2018 "How much every DC lawmaker was paid by the resturant industry before voting to repeal Initiative 77." (By Jermey Slevin and Zahra Mion, ThinkProgress at the Center for American Progress) Miscellaneous Business
4.1/26/2018 "D.C.'s public hospital gets a new operator, as CFO says it is 'functionally' bankrupt." (By Peter Jamison, Washington Post) Health
5.1/24/2018 "Mapping the Ties Between D.C. Councilmembers and Sports Betting Lobbyists." (By Mitch Ryals, Washington City Paper) Governance
6.11/9/2017 "D.C. lawmakers cut short contract for operator of District's only public hospital." Health
7.11/6/2017 "Jaffe Report: Money, Power and Dead Bodies in DC's Worst Hospital." (By Harry Jaffee, First Read-DMV NBC 4 Washington) Health
8.4/15/2016 "Former Gray finance director Reuben O. Charles II sentenced for tax evasion." (By Spencer Hsu, Washington Post) Governance
9.4/15/2016 "Feds release documents in shadow-campaign probe of exD.C. Mayor Gray." (By Andrea Noble and Ryan M. McDermott, Washington Times) Governance
10.12/11/2015 "Former DC Mayor Gray's long saga finally over." (By Mark Plotkin, The Hill) Governance
11.10/14/2014 "D.C. Lawmakers Rake In Millions From Contractors." (By Patrick Madden, Investigative Reporting Workshop) Development
12.9/5/2014 "Ex-driver For Washington Mayor Pleads Guilty To Campaign Violations." (By Ian Simpson, Reuters) Governance
13.3/10/2014 "Prosecutors Say Vincent Gray Knew About Shadow Groups." (By Benjamin Freed and Harry Jaffee, Washingtonian) Governance
14.2/27/2014 "New Documents Show Developer Pressed City to Close on Hine to Avoid Bowser Hearing." (By Larry Janezich, Capitol Hill Corner) Development
15.1/12/2014 "Gray's Re-Election Campaign Heats Up As Boosters Rally Around at First Fundraiser." (By Janet Staihar, Georgetown Dish) Governance
16.8/23/2013 "D.C. mayoral campaign may have violated coordination rules." (By Alan Suderman, Center for Public Integrity) Governance
17.8/13/2013 "Vernon Hawkins, Gray Campaign Aide, Pleads Guilty to Lying to Feds" (By Tom Sherwood, First Read-DMV, News4) Governance
18.5/23/2012 "Brooks Becomes Second Gray Campaign Aide to Be Charged With Lying About Funds" (By CBS/AP) Governance
19.4/7/2010 "Vincent Gray cleared of wrongdoing." (By Tim Craig, Washington Post) Governance
20.11/18/2009 "D.C. Council chairman's fundraising letter now part of probe." (By Tim Craig, Washington Post) Governance