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Todd, Brandon

No.Article DateArticleInterest Group 1
1.5/15/2019 "Group of Ward 4 Eleccted Officials Calls On Brandon Todd To Run His 'First' Clean Campaign." ( By Rachel Kurzius, Dcisst.com) Governance
2.4/30/2019 "The Brandon Todd Team Struggles to Explain Its Largest Campaign Expenditure." (By Jeffrey Anderson, Washington City Paper) Governance
3.3/28/2019 "2nd Councilmenber Accused of Ethics Violation" by (Moira Ritter, The Hoya) Governance
4.3/26/2019 "D.C.'s Constituent Service Funds: Misused, Inequitable and Ethically Fraught" (By Mike Tanglis, CitizenVox) Governance
5.3/20/2019 "Councilmember Brandon Todd Fined For Violating Another Campaign Law," (By Martin Austermuhle, WAMU) Governance
6.10/5/2018 "How much every DC lawmaker was paid by the resturant industry before voting to repeal Initiative 77." (By Jermey Slevin and Zahra Mion, ThinkProgress at the Center for American Progress) Miscellaneous Business
7.1/24/2018 "Mapping the Ties Between D.C. Councilmembers and Sports Betting Lobbyists." (By Mitch Ryals, Washington City Paper) Governance
8.5/30/2017 "Office of Campaign Finance issues Order on the Brandon Todd for Ward 4 (2015) Committee." (By DC Office of Campaign Finance) Governance
9.4/16/2017 "More contributions to D.C. Council member cannot be tracked to source." (By Aaron C. Davis, The Washington Post) Governance
10.4/7/2017 "Audit finds D.C. Council member cannot substantiate $100K in contributions." (By Aaron C. Davis, Washington Post) Governance