Donors Contributing To Gray, Vincent:

No.DonorBest NameCityStateZipRecipientGroupInterestDateAmount
1.A. Gilbert Douglas Law OfficesDouglas, A GilbertWashingtonDC20009Vince Gray 2014A Gilbert Douglass Law OfficesLaw03/12/2014$100
2.Abdus-Shahid, TalibABDUS-SHAHID, TALIBWashingtonDC20001Vince Gray 2014DC Gov't. teamLaw02/06/2014$20
3.AbelsonAbelson, DonaldWashingtonDC20036Gray for ChairAbelson Law FirmLaw09/06/2006$100
4.Abelson Law FirmAbelson Law FirmWashingtonDC20036Gray for ChairAbelson Law FirmLaw09/04/2006$100
5.Abelson Law FirmAbelson Law FirmWashingtonDC20006Vince Gray 2020Abelson Law FirmLaw12/04/2019$100
6.ABELSON LAW FIRMAbelson Law FirmWashingtonDC20036Gray for MayorAbelson Law FirmLaw05/26/2010$100
7.Abramson, Ronald DAbramson, Ronald D & AnneWashingtonDC20006Vince Gray 2014Buchanan Ingersoll & RooneyLaw02/04/2014$1,000
8.Ades, RobertAdes, Robert AWashingtonDC20036Gray for MayorRobert Ades & Associates PCLaw05/27/2010$2,000
9.Albert, NeilAlbert, NeilWashingtonDC20012Vince Gray 2014Holland & Knight teamLaw01/23/2014$1,000
10.Anderson, Donavan WAnderson, Donald & CharlotteWashingtonDC20020Committee to Elect Vincent GrayDonovan Anderson teamLaw08/11/2004$250
11.Anderson, DonovanAnderson, Donald & CharlotteWashingtonDC20020Vince Gray 2014Donovan Anderson teamLaw01/31/2014$250
12.Anderson, DonovanAnderson, Donald & CharlotteWashingtonDC20020Gray for ChairDonovan Anderson teamLaw03/26/2006$250
13.ANDERSON, DONOVANAnderson, Donald & CharlotteWashingtonDC20020Gray for MayorDonovan Anderson teamLaw09/01/2010$300
14.Anderson, Michael JAnderson, Michael JWashingtonDC20002Vince Gray 2014Anderson Indian LawLaw03/04/2014$250
15.Andrews, Mary EAndrews, Mary EHyattsvilleMD20785Gray for MayorBuckley SandlerLaw06/07/2010$100
16.ANG, TINAAng, TinaWashingtonDC20004Gray for MayorManatt teamLaw10/27/2010$750
17.Ang, TinaAng, TinaWashingtonDC20004Mayor Grays Constituent Service ProgramManatt teamLaw11/13/2012$500
18.ANG, TINAAng, TinaWashingtonDC20005Gray for MayorManatt teamLaw06/08/2010$250
19.Annis, KennethAnnis, Kenneth J, Atty at LawWashingtonDC20036Gray for ChairKenneth J Annis, Atty at LawLaw05/10/2006$100
20.Annis, Kenneth JAnnis, Kenneth J, Atty at LawWashingtonDC20037Gray for ChairKenneth J Annis, Atty at LawLaw09/06/2006$100
21.Annis, Kenneth J, Attorney at LawAnnis, Kenneth J, Atty at LawWashingtonDC20001Gray for ChairKenneth J Annis, Atty at LawLaw09/04/2006$100
22.Arent Fox LLCArent Fox LLPWashingtonDC20006Vince Gray 2020Arent Fox teamLaw02/19/2020$500
23.Arent Fox LLPArent Fox LLPWashingtonDC20046Gray for MayorArent Fox teamLaw10/12/2010$1,000
24.Arnold & Porter Partners PACArnold & Porter PACWashingtonDC20004Gray for ChairArnold & Porter LLPLaw08/02/2006$1,000
25.Ascraft & GerelAshcraft & Gerel LLPAlexandriaVA22311Gray for ChairAshcraft & Gerel teamLaw08/02/2006$250
26.Ascraft&GerelAshcraft & Gerel LLPAlexandriaVA22311Gray for ChairAshcraft & Gerel teamLaw06/22/2006$500
27.Ashcraft & GerelAshcraft & Gerel LLPAlexandriaVA22311Gray for ChairAshcraft & Gerel teamLaw08/02/2006$250
28.Ashcraft & GerelAshcraft & Gerel LLPSilver SpringMD20910Vince Gray 2020Ashcraft & Gerel teamLaw12/20/2019$500
29.ASHCRAFT & GEREL LLPAshcraft & Gerel LLPROCKVILLEMD20852Gray for MayorAshcraft & Gerel teamLaw06/02/2010$2,000
30.Ashcraft & Gerel LLP Attorneys At LawAshcraft & Gerel LLPNorth BethesdaMD20852Mayor Grays Constituent Service ProgramAshcraft & Gerel teamLaw11/08/2011$500
31.Ashcraft & Gerel, LLPAshcraft & Gerel LLPRockvilleMD20852Vince Gray 2014Ashcraft & Gerel teamLaw01/30/2014$2,000
32.Askew, Askew and AskewAskew Askew and AskewWashingtonDC20010Vince Gray 2014Askew Askew and AskewLaw03/07/2014$400
33.Auto ParkAutopark IncWashingtonDC20005Gray for ChairWilmot teamLaw06/15/2006$750
34.AutoParkAutopark IncWashingtonDC20005Gray for MayorWilmot teamLaw04/15/2010$1,000
35.Autopark, Inc.Autopark IncWashingtonDC20005Gray for MayorWilmot teamLaw09/12/2010$1,000
36.Avery, DarylAvery, Daryl LWashingtonDC20017Gray for Mayor Law08/10/2010$350
37.Avery, Daryl LAvery, Daryl LWashingtonDC20017Vince Gray 2014 Law03/12/2014$500
38.Bailey, ClaudBailey, Claude & DeniseWashingtonDC20012Gray for ChairVenable teamLaw11/07/2006$150
39.Bailey, ClaudeBailey, Claude & DeniseWashingtonDC20012Vince Gray 2014Venable teamLaw01/29/2014$500
40.Bailey, ClaudeBailey, Claude & DeniseWashingtonDC20012Vince Gray 2016Venable teamLaw09/21/2016$300
41.BAILEY, CLAUDEBailey, Claude & DeniseWashingtonDC20012Gray for MayorVenable teamLaw08/06/2010$250
42.Bailey, ClaudeBailey, Claude & DeniseWashingtonDC20012Mayor Grays Constituent Service ProgramVenable teamLaw11/22/2013$250
43.Bailey, Claude EBailey, Claude & DeniseWashingtonDC20012Vince Gray 2014Venable teamLaw02/23/2014$500
44.Bailey, Claude EBailey, Claude & DeniseWashingtonDC20012Gray for ChairVenable teamLaw09/08/2006$250
45.Baker & Hostetler DC PACBaker Hostetler LLPWashingtonDC20036Vince Gray 2016Baker & Hostetler teamLaw06/01/2016$500
46.Baker & Hostetler DC PACBaker Hostetler LLPWashingtonDC20036Vince Gray 2014Baker & Hostetler teamLaw01/27/2014$2,000
47.Baker Botts BlueBonnet FundBaker Botts BlueBonnet FundWashingtonDC20004Vince Gray 2014Baker Botts LLPLaw01/30/2014$1,000
48.Baker DC, LLCBaker DC LLCWashingtonDC20005Gray for MayorBaker DC LLCLaw09/12/2010$1,000
49.Ballard, FredericBallard, Frederick JrBethesdaMD20816Vince Gray 2014Ballard Spahr LLPLaw01/30/2014$1,000
50.Baris, David HBaris, David HDarnestownMD20878Gray for MayorBuckley SandlerLaw06/08/2010$250
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