Donors Contributing To White, Trayon:

No.DonorBest NameCityStateZipRecipientGroupInterestDateAmount
1.Adrean, JasonAndrean, JasonWashingtonDC20009Trayon White for Ward 8 2016  06/24/2016$200
2.AFGE Political Action CommitteeAmerican Federation of Government Employees AFGE PACWashingtonDC20001Trayon White for Ward 8 2016AFGE teamLabor Unions05/23/2016$500
3.Aiken, GertrudeAikin, GertrudeWashingtonDC20009Trayon White for Ward 8 2016  05/31/2016$100
4.Alfonso, PedroAlfonso, Pedro and Kimberley GWashingtonDC20012Trayon White for Ward 8 2016Dynamic Concepts teamDevelopment/Construction/Real Estate/Housing08/17/2016$500
5.Alfonso, PedroAlfonso, Pedro and Kimberley GWashingtonDC20012Do Something Constituents FundDynamic Concepts teamDevelopment/Construction/Real Estate/Housing02/14/2019$500
6.Allem, JohnAllem, Johnny W & BarbaraWashingtonDC20015Trayon White for Ward 8 2016Johnny W. Allen Consulting 02/26/2016$250
7.Arnheim, EthanArnheim, EthanWashingtonDC20001Do Something Constituents Fund  12/09/2019$100
8.Banks, JeffreyBanks, Jeffrey A and Stacie LeeWashingtonDC20016Trayon White for Ward 8 2016Bank of GeorgetownFinance/Insurance10/22/2016$100
9.Barnes, CliffordBarnes, Clifford EWashingtonDC20016Do Something Constituents FundEpstein Becker teamLaw05/18/2017$200
10.Benesch, LindaBenesch, LindaWashingtonDC20011Trayon White for Ward 8 2015  04/15/2015$20
11.Bergman, SarahBergman, SarahWashingtonDC20015Trayon White for Ward 8 2016  05/06/2016$420
12.Bhatt, Rachna ButaniBhatt, Rachna BWashingtonDC20007Trayon White for Ward 8 2016HRGM CorpDevelopment/Construction/Real Estate/Housing07/20/2016$250
13.Bolden, A ScottBolden, A Scott & Erika MartinWashingtonDC20015Trayon White for Ward 8 2016Reed Smith teamLaw03/02/2016$500
14.Bradley, KatherineBradley, David & Katherine BrittainWashingtonDC20008Trayon White for Ward 8 2016CityBridge FoundationEducation06/27/2016$500
15.Bradley, SpencerBradley, SpencerWashingtonDC20008Trayon White for Ward 8 2016Atlantic Media CompanyCommunications/Electronics06/29/2016$250
16.Brown, LloydBrown, LloydWashingtonDC20009Do Something Constituents FundWest End Capital GroupDevelopment/Construction/Real Estate/Housing11/27/2019$150
17.Burns, RogerBurns, RogerWashingtonDC20008Trayon White for Ward 8 2016  04/24/2016$200
18.Caldwell, L S, & AssociatesL S Caldwell & Associates IncWashingtonDC20001Trayon White for Ward 8 2016L S Caldwell & AssociatesMiscellaneous Business12/27/2016$500
19.Caldwell, L S, & AssociatesL S Caldwell & Associates IncWashingtonDC20011Trayon White for Ward 8 2016L S Caldwell & AssociatesMiscellaneous Business08/17/2016$500
20.Caldwell, L S, & AssociatesL S Caldwell & Associates IncWashingtonDC20011Do Something Constituents FundL S Caldwell & AssociatesMiscellaneous Business03/18/2019$100
21.Chung, Hyu SookChung, HyesookWashingtonDC20016Trayon White for Ward 8 2016DC Action for ChildrenOther06/27/2016$258
22.CityPartners 5914CityPartnersWashingtonDC20009Do Something Constituents FundCityPartners teamDevelopment/Construction/Real Estate/Housing02/14/2019$500
23.Clarens, AngelClarens, AngelWashingtonDC20016Trayon White for Ward 8 2016A. F. Clarens ArchitectDevelopment/Construction/Real Estate/Housing06/11/2016$100
24.Clark, JerryClark, JerryWashingtonDC20001Trayon White for Ward 8 2015  04/15/2015$100
25.Clark, RogerClark, Roger K Jr & HelenWashingtonDC20011Trayon White for Ward 8 2016Squire Patton Boggs teamLaw11/16/2016$100
26.Cohen, LisaCohen, LisaWashingtonDC20015Do Something Constituents Fund  07/31/2017$250
27.Cohen, NeilCohen, NeilWashingtonDC20009Trayon White for Ward 8 2016District Photo IncMiscellaneous Business10/22/2016$200
28.Cox, CourtlandCox, Cortland VWashingtonDC20012Trayon White for Ward 8 2016CCAP ConsultingMiscellaneous Business10/01/2016$500
29.Cross, Clarence JrCross, ClarenceWashingtonDC20012Trayon White for Ward 8 2016Murrell RealtorsDevelopment/Construction/Real Estate/Housing05/16/2016$108
30.Dale, KarenDale, Karen MWashingtonDC20005Trayon White for Ward 8 2016AmeriHealth CaritasHealth08/02/2016$258
31.DC Hospital AssociationDC Hospital AssociationWashingtonDC20005Trayon White for Ward 8 2016DC Hospital AssociationHealth10/01/2016$250
32.DC Latino Caucus PACDC Latino Caucus PACWashingtonDC20009Trayon White for Ward 8 2016DC Latino CaucusOther06/07/2016$150
33.DCA Hadley LTACH LLCDCA Hadley Ltach, LLCWashingtonDC20032Do Something Constituents FundDCA Hadley Ltach, LLCHealth03/09/2020$500
34.Dickens, Kim, & AssociatesKim Dickens and AssociatesWashingtonDC20005Trayon White for Ward 8 2016Kim Dickens and Associates 02/22/2016$500
35.Dickerson, ChinaDickerson, ChinaWashingtonDC20010Trayon White for Ward 8 2016  05/16/2016$28
36.Dunstan, Harry IIIDunstan, Harry IIIWashingtonDC20009Do Something Constituents FundColdwell BankerDevelopment/Construction/Real Estate/Housing05/18/2017$100
37.Eidinger, AdamEidinger, AdamWashingtonDC20009Trayon White for Ward 8 2016Mintwood StrategiesMiscellaneous Business05/06/2016$420
38.Essrow, DanielEssrow, Daniel JWashingtonDC20011Trayon White for Ward 8 2016National Alliance To End HomelessnessOther06/02/2016$40
39.Estrada, Daniel AEstrada, DanielWashingtonDC20007Trayon White for Ward 8 2016Radius NetworksCommunications/Electronics05/03/2016$500
40.Faggett, PatFaggett, Walter L Dr. & PatWashingtonDC20009Do Something Constituents FundDC Gov't. teamHealth08/09/2017$8
41.Faggett, PatFaggett, Walter L Dr. & PatWashingtonDC20009Do Something Constituents FundDC Gov't. teamHealth08/09/2017$100
42.Faggett, PatFaggett, Walter L Dr. & PatWashingtonDC20009Do Something Constituents FundDC Gov't. teamHealth05/18/2017$100
43.Farrakhon, Al-MalikFarrakhan, Al-Mallik & AmelieWashingtonDC20011Trayon White for Ward 8 2016  02/20/2016$25
44.Foote, DouglasFoote, Douglas HWashingtonDC20010Trayon White for Ward 8 2016AFL-CIOLabor Unions05/26/2016$28
45.Foote, DouglasFoote, Douglas HWashingtonDC20010Trayon White for Ward 8 2016AFL-CIOLabor Unions05/11/2016$28
46.Ford, AntwayneFord, Antwanye & Tanya LWashingtonDC20011Trayon White for Ward 8 2016Enlightened IncCommunications/Electronics11/16/2016$250
47.Four Points, LLCFour Points LLCWashingtonDC20001Do Something Constituents FundFour Points teamDevelopment/Construction/Real Estate/Housing08/08/2017$469
48.Four Points, LLCFour Points LLCWashingtonDC20001Do Something Constituents FundFour Points teamDevelopment/Construction/Real Estate/Housing07/31/2018$500
49.Franklin, AndrewFranklin, AndrewWashingtonDC20007Trayon White for Ward 8 2016  05/10/2016$8
50.Georgetown Public Affairs LLCGeorgetown Public Affairs LLCWashingtonDC20006Do Something Constituents FundGeorgetown Public Affairs LLCMiscellaneous Business07/15/2019$400
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