Donors Contributing To Pinto, Brooke:

No.DonorBest NameCityStateZipRecipientGroupInterestDateAmount
1.Asbill, HenryAsbill, Henry WWashingtonDC20037Brooke Pinto for Ward 2Buckley LLPLaw05/16/2020$500
2.Bailey, KarenBailey, KarenWashingtonDC20037Brooke Pinto for Ward 2American Beverage AssociationMiscellaneous Business09/30/2020$500
3.Bradley, CarterBradley, CarterWashingtonDC20037Brooke Pinto for Ward 2Ivy Research Council LLCMiscellaneous Business09/29/2020$500
4.Catania, DavidCatania & William Enright, DavidWashingtonDC20037Brooke Pinto for Ward 2Georgetown Public Affairs LLCMiscellaneous Business09/05/2020$500
5.Cole, RobertCole, Robert, JrWashingtonDC20037Brooke Pinto for Ward 2  07/27/2020$250
6.Jones, BobJones, BobWashingtonDC20037Brooke Pinto for Ward 2  09/30/2020$500
7.Katzer, Isabelle AKatzer, Isabelle AWashingtonDC20037Brooke Pinto for Ward 2  04/27/2020$500
8.Kelil-Brown, HayatBrown, Jerold J & Hayat Kelil-BrownWashingtonDC20037Brooke Pinto for Ward 2Hayat Brown LLCDevelopment/Construction/Real Estate/Housing09/15/2020$250
9.Lewis, JamesLewis, JamesWashingtonDC20037Brooke Pinto for Ward 2  11/06/2020$100
10.Lonardo, PatriciaLonardo, PatriciaWashingtonDC20037Brooke Pinto for Ward 2  04/18/2020$250
11.Pearson, KerryPearson, Kerry S and LaurenWashingtonDC20037Brooke Pinto for Ward 2Kerry S Pearson teamLaw11/01/2020$500
12.Ruddell-Tabisola, CheRuddell-Tabisola, Tedd & CheWashingtonDC20037Brooke Pinto for Ward 2BBQ Bus DCMiscellaneous Business10/11/2020$100
13.Siebert, DeborahSiebert, DeborahWashingtonDC20037Brooke Pinto for Ward 2  05/26/2020$250
14.Spivak, WendySpivak, WendyWashingtonDC20037Brooke Pinto for Ward 2  08/21/2020$100
15.Spivak, WendySpivak, WendyWashingtonDC20037Brooke Pinto for Ward 2  08/21/2020$100
16.Spivak, WendySpivak, WendyWashingtonDC20037Brooke Pinto for Ward 2  05/22/2020$50
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