Donors Contributing To Todd, Brandon:

No.DonorBest NameCityStateZipRecipientGroupInterestDateAmount
1.2023 Benning Road LLC2023 Benning Rd LLCWashingtonDC20015Brandon Todd for Ward 4Warrenton teamDevelopment/Construction/Real Estate/Housing01/20/2015$500
2.7302 Georgia Avenue LLC7302 Georgia Avenue LLCWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd 2020Inle DevelopmentDevelopment/Construction/Real Estate/Housing01/31/2020$500
3.901 Lawrence St., LLC901 Lawrence Street LLCWashingtonDC20015Brandon Todd for Ward 4Inle DevelopmentDevelopment/Construction/Real Estate/Housing03/16/2015$500
4.Abrahams, JessicaAbrahams, Jessica CWashingtonDC20015Brandon Todd for Ward 4McKenna Long teamLaw05/08/2015$250
5.Adasi, KokiAdasi, KokiWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd 2020Compass Real EstateDevelopment/Construction/Real Estate/Housing07/23/2019$500
6.Agile Inc LLCAgile Inc LLCWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd for Ward 4Agile Inc LLCMiscellaneous Business02/12/2016$500
7.Akin, Wendi MoyAkin, Michael and Wendi MoyWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd for Ward 4Federal Gov't. teamGovernment02/12/2016$500
8.Allem, John WAllem, Johnny W & BarbaraWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd for Ward 4Aquila RealtyDevelopment/Construction/Real Estate/Housing02/12/2016$250
9.Anders, EricAnders, Eric & RachelleWashingtonDC20015Brandon Todd for Ward 4TransUnions 03/26/2015$200
10.Anders, EricAnders, Eric & RachelleWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd 2020TransUnions 07/14/2019$50
11.Babcock, JohnBabcock, JohnWashingtonDC20015Brandon Todd for Ward 4  03/26/2015$100
12.Babcock, JohnBabcock, JohnWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd for Ward 4  05/20/2016$100
13.Babcock, JohnBabcock, JohnWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd 2020  03/01/2020$100
14.Backus, JenniferBackus, Jennifer WashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd 2020  10/03/2019$250
15.Bailey, JudithBailey, JudithWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd 2020  11/18/2019$50
16.Bailey, LarryBailey, Larry & LolitaWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd 2020  11/18/2019$250
17.Barnes, JohnineBarnes, JohnineWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd 2020Greenberg TraurigLaw11/15/2019$150
18.Barney, DanielBarney, DanielWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd for Ward 4 Law10/18/2016$100
19.Bassett, KimberlyBassett, Kimberly AnnWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd 2020DC Gov't. teamGovernment06/20/2019$250
20.Batten, JonathanBatten, JonathanWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd 2020DLA Piper teamLaw10/03/2019$150
21.Beal, AshbyBeal, W Ashby & SusanWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd 2020Singley & Beal PLLCLaw07/14/2019$100
22.Beal, AshbyBeal, W Ashby & SusanWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd for Ward 4Singley & Beal PLLCLaw05/20/2016$51
23.Beal, Ashby & SusanBeal, W Ashby & SusanWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd 2020Singley & Beal PLLCLaw11/18/2019$50
24.Beal, W. AshbyBeal, W Ashby & SusanWashingtonDC20015Brandon Todd for Ward 4Singley & Beal PLLCLaw01/13/2015$25
25.Beauchamp, MarthaBeauchamp, MarthaWashingtonDC20015Brandon Todd for Ward 4  03/20/2015$25
26.Behm, MichaelBehm, MichaelWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd 2020Stateside Associates Inc.Miscellaneous Business10/03/2019$500
27.Belman, David ABelman, David AWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd for Ward 4Threespot 05/03/2016$150
28.Benton, MartinaBenton, Martina A and RaymondWashingtonDC20015Brandon Todd for Ward 4DC Gov't. teamGovernment02/04/2015$250
29.Bigger, Norgie Bigger, Norgie HWashingtonDC20015Brandon Todd for Ward 4  03/29/2015$100
30.Bigger, NorgieBigger, Norgie HWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd for Ward 4  05/03/2016$100
31.Bigger, Norgie HBigger, Norgie HWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd 2020  07/14/2019$100
32.Bishop, FerialBishop, Joseph & FerialWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd for Ward 4  10/05/2016$75
33.Bishop, FerialBishop, Joseph & FerialWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd for Ward 4  03/28/2016$100
34.Bishop, FerialBishop, Joseph & FerialWashingtonDC20015Brandon Todd for Ward 4  03/26/2015$100
35.Bishop, Ferial SBishop, Joseph & FerialWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd 2020  07/14/2019$100
36.Blackwood of DCBlackwood of DCWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd for Ward 4Blackwood of DCDevelopment/Construction/Real Estate/Housing03/15/2016$500
37.Blackwood of DC LLCBlackwood of DCWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd 2020Blackwood of DCDevelopment/Construction/Real Estate/Housing12/05/2019$500
38.Blake Properties Nett LLC Blake Properties Nett LLC WashingtonDC20015Brandon Todd for Ward 4Blake Properties Nett LLC  02/18/2015$150
39.Bolden, A. ScottBolden, A Scott & Erika MartinWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd for Ward 4Reed Smith teamLaw03/15/2016$500
40.Bolden, Erika MartinBolden, A Scott & Erika MartinWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd 2020Fort Myer Construction teamDevelopment/Construction/Real Estate/Housing07/31/2019$500
41.Bolden, Erika MartinBolden, A Scott & Erika MartinWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd 2020Fort Myer Construction teamDevelopment/Construction/Real Estate/Housing08/04/2019$500
42.Bollech, Theresa CBollech, Theresa CWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd for Ward 4  03/28/2016$51
43.Bonder, JoelBonder, JoelWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd for Ward 4J F Bonder, PLLC 06/02/2016$500
44.Bouker, JonBouker, Jon S & KerrieWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd 2020Arent Fox teamLaw05/28/2020$500
45.Brooke, AnnaBrooke, AnnaWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd 2020  01/25/2020$25
46.Brown, Deirdre PBrown, Deirdre PWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd 2020Dupont Title and SettlementsDevelopment/Construction/Real Estate/Housing07/14/2019$25
47.Brown, EvelynBrown, George & EvelynWashingtonDC20015Brandon Todd for Ward 4  02/04/2015$51
48.Brown, George WBrown, George & EvelynWashingtonDC20015Brandon Todd for Ward 4 Miscellaneous Business03/26/2015$60
49.Brown, Hattie CBrown, Hattie CWashingtonDC20015Re-Elect Brandon Todd 2020  07/14/2019$50
50.Brown, MarilynBrown, Marilyn TylerWashingtonDC20015Ward 4 Constituent Services Fund  06/05/2019$36
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