1.Campaign Finance reports covering through 7/31/2021 are included.
2.The itemized donors to 2020 public financing accounts are not included in the database, although summary totals per report are included. DC does not provide electronic downloads of this data.
3.The campaign finance information relates to the current Mayor, Attorney General and members of the DC Council, starting from January 1, 2003.
4.Lobbying data covers from 2018 through 9/30/2021 activity. Amounts clients pay lobby firms without identifying specific lobbyists have been allocated to previously known lobbyists at that lobby firm. The DC Board of Ethics does not enforce the naming of specific lobbyists, in those cases the names of previously known lobbyists have been used. Some lobby reports do not clearly identify a specific lobbyist. When a lobby reports lists more than one lobbyist and does not breakdown the total for each, estimates have been made.
5.The Carmen Group does not identify specific lobbyists in their reports, so the dollar amounts have been split evenly between David Carmen and Dal Harper.
6.The Georgetown Public Affairs website lists former DC Councilman David Catania (from 1997 to 2015) and Ben Young as Managing Directors, with Brendan Wulliams-Kief as Vice President.
7.Constituent Service Fund accounts current through 9/30/2021.
8.Legal Defense Fund accounts current through 1/1/2021.
9.Inaugural accounts current through 3/15/2019 termination report.
10.Residence value is the Proposed New Total Value (2021) listed with the DC Office of Tax & Revenue as of 3/1/2020. Racine sold his condo on 1/27/2020 for $1,150,000.
11.Salaries of the Bowser top staff come from the DC Department of Human Resources listing which is updated quarterly, last being January 2020.
12.Personal financial reports are current through 12/31/2020, and were filed in June 2021.
13.The profile of an official includes donations to their principal campaign committees, PACs, exploratory committees, transition committee, inaugural committee, legal defense fund, constituent service fund, if any.
14.Donation information comes from reports filed with the DC Office of Campaign Finance. Lobbying data and personal finance disclosure data comes from the DC Board of Ethics and Government Accountability. Property values comes from the DC Office of Tax and Revenue.
15.Identifying donors is a never ending task. We will continue to add information and identities as they become available through research, new reports, or help from viewers like you. We appreciate any information emailed to us.
16.Corrections have been made to some donor name and addresses where there were obvious errors. The names of some spouses have been connected. The quality of the data depends on the reporting by the donor and the filer. Where known, abbreviations have been written out. Names of numbered streets have been listed numerically, such as "7th St." instead of "Seventh St." Zip codes have been added where needed.
17.There is no standard ID (such as a social security number) reported for a donor. Donations from donors appearing to be from the same person have been connected. We caution users that the contribution total for a particular donor should be used as a starting point for further research and not for an indication of contributor limit violations. We have noticed insistencies in the use of name suffix, such as Sr., Jr., II, III, and for father and sons with similar names.
18.Most dollar totals on the site may be clicked upon to see further detail.
19.Some donors have been connected to a team of donors that appear to have something in common, such as an employer, a related company, a related LLC, the exact same address, a family connection, or other connection. Team data includes companies that have purchased others. If you find a donor of interest in a team, you should also search for that donor in the Name Search, since they may have been reported over the years with another employer, or team, or been reported as 'self-employed,' or 'retired' or left blank. Over time, a contributor may be listed on several teams, especially if they are involved with several partnerships/companies.
20.Some donors have been coded by an area of interest, such as Health, Law, Finance/Insurance, Transportation, Development/Construction/Real Estate, etc. This is primarily based on the employer name. If donors are listed as "retired", or show no employer, they still may be coded with an interest group and/or team name, if they appear to have a beneficial interest in a company or team. Some donations from a person may not appear in the team total if it was unclear if they worked for that company or team at the time of donation. Over time, a contributor may have several interest areas.
21.Donors listed as DC Government employees are coded with the Team name of "DC Government team." Those donors listed as Federal employees are listed as "Federal Gov't. team." If their department/agency relates to one of our interest codes it is shown.
22.Individuals and committees reporting independent expenditures for a candidate, although not contributions and not subject to limitation, and not coordinated with candidates, have been listed as donations with a specific note that it is an "Independent Expenditure For" in our database since they do have an indirect benefit to a candidate.
23.Individuals and committees reporting independent expenditures for an issue not a candidate, have not been included in the database. For example, from May 2016 to October 2018, Alice Walton has not been included although she gave $477,730 to Democrats for Education Reform DC IEC, and issue group.
24.Reported contribution refunds and returns have been included. Overall totals show a net amount. Transfers between a candidate's own committees have not been included.
25.The date shown for a donation is what was reported by the committee. It is unclear if this is the date on a check, the date received, the date it was entered by the committee, or a date of deposit. For publicly-funded candidates, the date for a donation is the last day of the reporting period in which it was received.
26.The employer name and occupation is as reported by the committee. It is unclear if it is what was listed by the donor or what was entered later by the committee.
27.Contractor awards come from the DC Dept. of General Services and the DC Office of Contracts and Procurement. Data covers October 2016 through mid December 2018. The DC Schools, WMATA, and EventsDC do not make available electronic data on contracts.
28.If you have a better photo of yourself to include, please contact us. If you have a better bio of yourself to include, please contact us.
29.Website cookies are not tracked.
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31.DC Power Players was created and developed by Kent Cooper and Tony Raymond. Over the last four decades they have worked at the Federal Election Commission, the Center for Responsive Politics/Open Secrets, and founded several companies, including Public Disclosure Inc., TRKC Inc., and Capitol Hill Access Inc./PoliticalMoneyLine.com.